Through the Breach in My Garden Wall

Come this way, please.

Dreams are brought to Light here.

Concealed amongst dewy fantasies,

Vaporous days gone by.

Vivid blooms & Riotous infusions,

Bewildered wraiths within a verdant arena.

Gossamer petals of Majickal Bud,

Wafting flutter of euphony.

Tripping footfall of Capricious Faeries.

Only believe. Come this way.

Dreams are brought to Life here.



Jeannine dePenne

Designer & Creator of

Custom Theatric, Historic, Fantasy & Dance Garments


I have sculpted with Fabric & Thread for over forty years.  That is, after all, what Garment Design & Construction is – Sculpture: a three-dimensional piece of artful manifestation; figure-shaping; round or in relief.

Though I don’t commonly chisel marble or model clay, such ornamentation striding from my studio more often than not does, indeed, change the shape & contour of the frame upon which it hangs!  Some might call them “costumes”.  However…

A Scally Rag is NOT a mere Costume!

A Scally Rag is a fabricated, functional Flight of Fancy, Historic, Theatric, Phantasmal or Danceable, in three (or more) dimensions!

A Scally Rag is a Sculpted Garment endowed with Permanence; an article of Genuine Apparel intended to be around to enhance you for as long as you choose – certainly more than one or two uncomfortable, flashy wearings; a facet of your deliberately evolving Wearable Art Collection.

Nor is a Scally Rag a meager “put-on”.  As opposed to a costume, the Sculpted Garment reflects & enhances its Wearer.  A Scally Rag is your complement – a bidden Alter Ego, Soul Mate, Doppelganger, if you will – by which your mindfully ensconced Personality now comes full-circle.

Scally Rags lay bare your Glimmering Confidence among yards & yards of Hopeful Wishful Dreaming, Tacit Theatrics & /or Reminiscent Cognizance, connecting you with a much more glorious, colourful past…& other Flights of Fancy!


A Scally Rag is YOU on a Hanger!

So, now we’ve got that out of the way…